Name Badge

Product Description

Magnetic badge holder, or called "Badge Magnet" is no longer to pierce through your clothes like pins, they can totally replace the metal pins which pierce throughyour valuable clothes. The magnetic badge holder is composed of nickel coated metal plate,nickel coated strong NdFeB magnets as well as yellow adhesive stick tape. One set contains amagnet bar and a metal bar. The magnet bar has one, two or three pieces of strong magnetsand the metal bar has adhesive on one side. When using it, just remove the liner from theadhesive and stick it onto your badge. Put the magnet bar inside your clothes to hold the badge onto your clothes.


(2) Customized Magnetic Name Badge available. (1) No long to pierce through your valuable clothes. (2) Warning sign imprinted on the magnet bar: "CAUTION-MAGNETIC DEVICE, DO NOT USE WITH PACEMAKER" (3) Strong magnets with plastic molded. Friendly to your skin. (4) Safe for distance delivery. (5) Superior badge. (6)Personalized name plate. Material: NdFeB Magnet + Steel Plate + Adhesive Size: 45X13X6mm with 2PCS or 3PCS magnets. Applications: 1. Badge holders 2. This can be used to hold any items onto metal surface. 3. Environmental protection & Can be used repeatedly We can also customize Magnetic name badge according to customers' size and design requirements,